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  Biosmell Romania is involved in the "green" movement that is increasing on a global scale. Thus, our company's products are promoted as environmentally friendly, organic, bio-degradable, contain no harmful substances that harm human health or the environment and the packaging is recyclable.

EnviroKleen is a certificate offered by the U.S. company ChemTel Inc for products that do not harm the environment and population (http://www.chemtelinc.com). Each product receives the EnviroKleen certificate only after passing many rigorous tests.

 California Scents Auto and Home Air Fresheners meet the necessary conditions to be eco-friendly, and many of them also have the prestigious Envirokleen certificate.

 The fifteen flavors from California Scents that have received the Envirokleen certificate are: Cinnamon Coast, Citrus Splash, Coronado Cherry, Desert Jasmine, Fresh Flowers, Golden State Delight, Hollywood Tropicana, Laguna Breeze, Monterey Vanilla, Napa Grape, Santa Barbara Berry, Shasta Strawberry, Smoke Away, Waterfall Mist, Wild Berry.
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